200 Count Coffee Filter #2, 2 Coffee Filters Cone Unbleached Disposable Coffee Filters 2 Cone Paper Fits for Drip and Compatible with Pour Over Coffee Maker(2-6 Cup)


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Enjoy Coffee, Enjoy Lifeļ¼

Disposable Coffee Filters

Disposable Coffee Filters

Coffee FilterCoffee Filter

Coffee FilterCoffee Filter



Usage Tips: Note that the coffee filter paper should be folded before use and then placed in the filter cup. Before adding coffee powder, you should wet the filter paper with hot water to make it fit better
Capacity: No. 2 coffee filter paper has a capacity of 2-6 cups, suitable for most filter cups, hand-pour coffee machines or Americano coffee machines that require No. 2 coffee filter paper, compatible with Hario V60 02, CHEMEX 3-cup coffee maker, etc
Excellent Taste: The coffee filter paper is of moderate thickness and is not easy to tear. It can filter out most of the natural coffee oil and all coffee grounds, making the taste smoother, rich and delicious, and with moderate bitterness
Safety: Disposable coffee filters are made of all-natural wood pulp, chemical-free, unbleached, clean and odor-free
Package Includes: 200 count of No.2 unbleached coffee filters. Note: The filter paper size is shown in the picture, please make sure the size matches before purchasing


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