5.5 Inch Wooden Coffee Stirrers, 500 Count, Disposable & Compostable Wood Coffee Stick Stirrers | Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Organic, Biodegradable, Vegan-Friendly Coffee Station Supplies


Price: $9.99
(as of Jun 02, 2024 06:46:46 UTC – Details)

Looking for bulk coffees stirrers? Want these wooden coffee sticks to be biodegradable? Meet the WOODABLE 5.5 Inch Wooden Coffee Stirrers, a pack of 500 eco-friendly, sustainable, organic, and biodegradable stirrers. Made from 100% sustainable, eco-friendly wood sourced from our FSC Certified forests in CHILE. These stir sticks for coffee bar are not only disposable but also backyard compostable, making them vegan-friendly and a perfect choice for those who care about the environment. SUSTAINABLE COFFEE STIRRERS WOOD: Crafted from sustainable wood sourced from FSC Certified forests in Chile, our wooden coffee stir sticks are an eco-conscious choice for stirring your coffee. BIODEGRADABLE COFFEE ACCESSORIES FOR COFFEE BAR: Made with organic materials, these coffee stir sticks naturally break down, reducing environmental impact of your guests or while you enjoy your brew. BULK COFFEE STIRS: Each pack of 500 wooden coffee stir sticks ensures an abundant supply for both personal and commercial use, making them ideal coffee shop accessories. Equip your home or coffee shop with large package of disposable wooden stir sticks for coffee. VEGAN WOOD COFFEE STIR STICKS: Our wood stir sticks are vegan-friendly, aligning with ethical sourcing practices and catering to diverse dietary preferences. Upgrade your coffee experience today with our wood stir sticks coffee, the perfect natural and sustainable companion for your daily brew. Click Add to Cart and elevate your coffee ritual with our stirring sticks for coffee, where craftsmanship meets conscience.
Eco-Friendly Choice: Crafted from 100% sustainable wood sourced from FSC Certified forests in Chile, these wooden stirrer sticks offer more than just convenience; they represent a commitment to preserving our planet for future generations. For coffee lovers and coffee shop owners alike, choosing eco-friendly options like these wood stirrers for coffee means making a positive impact on the environment with every coffee stir stick.
Organic and Biodegradable: Made with organic materials and designed to naturally break down, the WOODABLE coffee stir sticks go beyond just stirring your coffee; they contribute to a cleaner, greener planet. For coffee aficionados and environmentally conscious coffee shop owners, using biodegradable stirrers is a statement of sustainability and a step towards reducing environmental impact.
Pack of 500: Each pack contains 500 wooden stirrers, providing an ample supply for both personal and commercial use. For coffee shop owners, this bulk packaging ensures that you never run out of wood stir sticks for coffee during peak hours, while for coffee lovers, it means having a convenient supply on hand for daily indulgence without worrying about constantly restocking your coffee bar supplies.
Vegan-Friendly: Ideal for environmentally conscious consumers, our wood stir sticks are vegan-friendly and do not harm animals in their production or disposal. For coffee enthusiasts and coffee shop owners catering to diverse dietary preferences, choosing vegan-friendly disposable coffee stirs demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and ethical sourcing of coffee mixer stick options.
Backyard Compostable: After use, simply dispose of these coffee stirring sticks in your backyard compost, contributing to a healthier planet. For both coffee lovers enjoying their brew at home and coffee shop owners aiming to reduce waste, the ability to compost these wooden stirrers offers a convenient and sustainable solution for disposal, turning waste into nutrient-rich compost for gardens and plants.


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