BUN Coffee Filter – 4 PK – 100 PCS per Pack – Taller – Flat Bottom Liner – Quality Paper for Most Coffee Makers – Aromatic Brew – with Satisfying Customers Travel Tissue Pack (4PK)


Price: $27.99 - $24.99
(as of May 13, 2024 10:05:46 UTC – Details)

Are you tired of flimsy filters that end up choking your coffee maker? Introducing, Satisfying Customer Basket Filters that are superior to most filters available in the market and allow you to enjoy a fresh and pure brew of your morning espresso. This coffee filter will allow the coffee to percolate just the right amount to give you a brew that is packed with flavor. Experience the deep notes of coffee with this coffee filter.


– Designed to fit 8 to 12-cup coffee maker machines, our coffee filters will not collapse on sides and will hold their shape through the filtering process.
– Made from premium quality high grade materials this filter is extra durable and is sure to become your favorite.
– Our filter removes most oils, micro coffee particles, and other elements that cause the coffee to turn extremely bitter.
– Enjoy a superior taste that feels like coffee with this basket coffee filter for your coffee machine.
– Available in a bundle of 4packs each pack contains a 100 count of filters and gives you 400 filters to last you for an extremely long time.
– Our coffee filters come with an included bonus travel tissue pack that is sure to be handy when you are on the go or away from home.
– Makes a thoughtful gift to your family and friends for all festive and non-festive occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New year, and more!


All our products are manufactured using premium materials in facilities adhering to strict compliance and stringent quality standards!

So, what are you waiting for? ORDER NOW to receive our coffee basket filters and transform the way you brew coffee!
FULLER AND SMOOTHER BREWS – Conventional filters don’t often fit home coffee brewing machines, making it difficult to obtain refills. Satisfying Customer Pack of 4 Basket Filters (100-count/pack) is the perfect solution for all caffeine-fueled folks to enjoy a fully rounded cuppa joe every morning without having to scramble to the grocery store at the last minute!
UNIQUE DESIGN – Featuring taller than most fluted walls to protect against the overflow of grounds into your coffee during the brew cycle and a flat bottom for an even leveling of the coffee grounds, our coffee filters allow for superior flavor extraction by enabling a steady interaction between coffee grounds and hot water.
SUPERIOR QUALITY DESIGN – Made from exceptionally thick and high-quality paper, these basket filters favor a slower flow of water for a more desirable velocity that further allows for complete immersion of the grounds, resulting in a better flavor profile, without your coffee tasting of paper or having a grainy mouthfeel.
GOOD FOR YOU AND THE PLANET – Devoid of any unnecessary processing additives, our coffee filters are safe for you! Designed to completely disintegrate once composted; these environment-friendly filters disappear, leaving no traces behind so that you can sip on your cup of coffee guilt-free!
BUNDLED WITH A BONUS WALLET TISSUE PACK – Say what now?! Yes, you read that right – our pack of 4 with 100 pcs coffee filter is bundled together with a pocket wallet tissue pack to sweeten the deal for just you! We also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee because your smile matters the most to us.


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