Coffee Mug Warmer,Coffee Warmer for Desk with Auto Shut Off,4 Temperature Setting&1-12H Timer,Smart Cup Warmer for Heating Coffee, Beverage, Milk, Tea and Hot Chocolate (Black Wood Grain)


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Product Description


Note: There is a layer of plastics protective film on top of the LED screen panel, the occurrence of blistering is not a workmanship problem, please

tear it off before use, the mug warmer will be more beautiful.

You can keep your drinks warm at the temperature you want! “NEWCITY Coffee Mug Warmer”

NEWCITY Mug warmer adopts a unique product design. The classic black wood grain and retro cassette design are full of charm and beautiful.

Many people drink hot coffee while working or reading. But aren’t you disappointed that the weather is getting colder quickly? NEWCITY cup warmer can solve such problems.

The NEWCITY Mug Warmer heats your cup and keeps your drink warm. Enjoy hot drinks anytime.


Suitable for everyone and widely used.

Pregnant and nursing women: Bring your NEWCITY Mug Warmer when you go out. This makes it easy to heat milk powder to meet your baby’s needs.

Office worker: Do you feel sleepy at work? What should I do if I feel sick and don’t have a hot drink? NEWCITY heaters will meet your needs. Keeps coffee and beverages at a constant temperature.

The elderly: For the sake of good health, the elderly should drink as much hot water and hot drinks as possible. Start living a healthy life with the NEWCITY Mug Warmer today.




Product specifications:Product name: NEWCITY Mug warmerProduct material: Plastic+Ceramic GlassProduct weight: about 300gRated voltage: 110VRated frequency: 50/60HzRated output: 40WProduct size: 5.9×4.9x1IN

NEWCITY Mug Warmer is suitable for many situations. Made of high-hardness microcrystalline panel material, explosion-proof and heat-resistant, easy to clean. Keep liquids such as water, tea, coffee and milk at temperatures between 131℉ and 185℉. Hot drinks are always available. It has a compact design and beautiful appearance. It uses high-quality graphene heating sheets and has good heat preservation effect. This product has memory function, automatic power-off, digital display, and optional gear selection and adjustment of 1~4 gears. Product is perfect for office and home use.

The product is well designed and has good waterproof effect, so there is no need to worry about water leakage. Easy to use and easy to clean.The product is moderate in size, occupies a small area, and is ultra-thin and easy to carry. Suitable for all occasions.Beautifully packaged, beautiful and compact design will keep your drinks warm all day long. Great gift for family, loved ones and friends on Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other special days.


【4 Temperature Settings】Better than other mug warmers. The mug warmer has four temperature settings and can heat to 131℉, 145℉, 165℉ and 185℉. (Please note that the heating temperature will be affected by the environment and the thickness of the mug. Flat mugs retain the best heat.)
【Compact design】(5.9*4.9*1IN/0.3KG) easy to carry. You can drink hot coffee anytime you’re on a business trip or traveling. The 3.9IN heating panel is suitable for most glass cups, stainless steel cups, bottles and mugs. You can also use this cup warmer as a candle warmer to heat candles without flame and fill your room with fragrance.
【Timer setting and automatic shut-off】 To prevent the danger caused by forgetting to turn off the warmer because you are busy, the coffee cup warmer is set with a timer shut-off function. You can click the “Timer Button” to select and set 1-12 hours as needed. The cup warmer automatically turns off when the time is up.
【Memory Function】 The cup warmer is equipped with a memory function, making it convenient for more people to use. If you used 185℉ last time, the warmer will automatically remember the previous temperature and it will automatically change to 185℉ the next time you turn on the heater. No need to readjust the temperature. It can also be used by the elderly.
【Retro Tape Appearance and Digital Display】The digital display design can display the selected temperature and time. The black wood grain style vintage tape has an attractive appearance. NEWCITY cup warmer is the best gift for family, lovers, and friends on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries.
【Safety and Durability】Our company’s coffee cup heater has passed FCC certification and has been tested 10,000 times to ensure safety, please feel free to use it. The bottom and sides of the cup heater are made of heat-resistant materials, so you don’t have to worry about burning your hands or damaging the table. The water resistance is very good, so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally spill it inside the warmer.
【Strong after-sales service】 We promise that if there are any quality problems with the NEWCITY coffee cup warmer you purchase, we guarantee you a free refund within 90 days and a free exchange within three years. If you have any problems during use, please contact us and we will solve it for you immediately. We will guarantee your after-sales service experience.


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