Electric Kettles, Gooseneck Electric Kettle, ±1℉ Temperature Control, Stainless Steel Inner, Quick Heating, for Pour Over Coffee, Brew Tea, Boil Hot Water, 0.9L Black


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Dedicated to creating a delicate and stylish kitchen experience for the young generation.

intasting kettleintasting kettle

INTASTING’s journey started in 2020 by a team who want to have a healthy diet in a convenient way. Right from the very beginning, the enthusiasm for designing, testing, and optimizing enables us to launch our ultimate beverage maker.

INTASTING has been synonymous with superb quality, authentic materials, and a passion for details.

INTASTING Appliances

INTASTING Appliances

Electric kettleElectric kettle

CEK-207 Electric Tea Kettle

Nut milk makerNut milk maker

HB-A8 Nut Milk Maker


CEK-204 Pour Over Kettle

CEK-205 Pour Over KettleCEK-205 Pour Over Kettle

CEK-205 Pour Over Kettle

pour over kettlepour over kettle

GK-G1 Pour Over Kettle

water boiler kettle electricwater boiler kettle electric

KD-2028 Electric Kettle

±1℉ Temperature Accuracy – The intelligent base’s built-in temperature control program. The program will adjust the heating power when the water temp approaches the desired temp according the temp probe detects the temp change.
0.65mm Gooseneck Spout – Due to the water flow speed directly affecting the flavor and taste of pour-over coffee, we designed a unique fine gooseneck spout. It is easier and more friendly to control the water flow speed during make pour-over coffee.
Temp Hold Function – The kettle will automatically switch to “HOLD” mode when the water reaches the right temperature, keeping it there until we’re ready to pour over the coffee. The maximum holding time is 2 hours.
100% Stainless Steel Inner – Every surface that your water contacts is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel. 100% BPA-free. Provide you with pure and healthy water.
Brew Stopwatch – With the built-in exact stopwatch, you can check the brew time on the screen at any time to adjust the rhythm of pour over coffee. After counting down for three seconds, the stopwatch will begin to run at zero.


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