HARIO VCF-02-100M Paper Filter for V60, 06.6 ft (02 m), For 1-4 Cups, 200 Sheets


Price: $11.98 - $11.38
(as of Jun 05, 2024 14:08:31 UTC – Details)

Conical shape:
A deep layer of coffee is created, and the hot water stays in touch for a long time, so you can extract the ingredients well.
Spiral Drip:
Prevents paper and dripper from sticking together and allows for a smooth extraction
【Large Single Hole】
You can change the taste of your coffee depending on the speed of pouring hot water, so you can enjoy your favorite coffee.

100% Pulp
Size: For 1-4 cups, Package Size (1 piece)/7.1 x 6.3 x 2.0 inches (18 x 16 x 5
Material: 100% pulp
Country of Manufacture: Japan
This paper works with the Hario V60 Permeable Dripper 02
Brand Name: HARIO


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