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I know the name sounds strange but I’ve often driven past this coffee shop for years without stopping by. Why? Well, like you, the name didn’t sound inviting until a friend recommended it.

So a few weeks back after the crazy floods in Dubai, I ventured there for breakfast.

As you enter you are greeted by a homely looking brew bar decked with a synesso espresso machine. The main sitting area is at the back with a kind of mid western American style… I know! Don’t say it.

In any case we were greeted by welcoming staff and I ordered this.

Poached eggs on breaded potato dumpling sitting on top labneh. Delicious.

I then opted for a flat white with traditional hints of chocolate and caramel.

Also yummy.

In short, a nice place to check especially when it’s cooler as they have ample sitting options outside.

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