MHW-3BOMBER WDT Tool Espresso Distribution Tool Adjustable Range Coffee Stirrer 8 Needles 0.4mm, Magnetic Stand Storage with 6 Extra Needles T6126


Price: $21.99 - $19.99
(as of Jun 02, 2024 15:31:33 UTC – Details)

Product Description

WDT Tool 2.0WDT Tool 2.0


High-quality iron, simple shape, lightning hollow graphics, beautiful and independent, Unique temperament, not only is the exclusive match of the lightning powder stirring needle, but also the fashionable single product on the coffee bar.

Ideal for those that love the consummate espresso experience.

Espresso Distribution Tool Espresso Distribution Tool

Espresso Distribution Tool Espresso Distribution Tool

How to replace the needle!!!

Coffee StirrerCoffee Stirrer

Espresso Distribution Tool Espresso Distribution Tool


Newly Upgraded Adjustable Range: The 2.0 espresso needle Stirrer has an increased adjustment piece, and the distribution position of the needle can be adjusted by rotation. You can adjust the width/span of the needles as needed, increasing the area where the pins of the WDT tool contact the coffee powder, resulting in a wider range and higher efficiency.
Magnetic Stand for Storage: The pins on WDT tools are frequently damaged by drops. Using magnetic suction technology, MHW-3BOMBER improve the grip’s top surface so that this Needle tool will adhere to the metal frame and safeguard the pins. Stable and not easy to fall down
Reducing Lumps: Using this espresso needle distributor before using the espresso Tamper will enhance the quality of your coffee extraction. 8 pins with a fineness of only 0.4 mm, the perfect size to break up coffee clumps, allow the coffee powder to be dispersed evenly, and promote a more even extraction and better espresso.
Premium Material: The whole Adjustable Range WDT tool for espresso machine accessories is made of high-quality material, 6 SUS304 backup needles, aluminum alloy handle, allow a more even distribution for both esspreso and drip coffee.
Guaranteed Service for MHW-3BOMBER: Whether you enjoy coffee or work as a professional barista, MHW-3BOMBER is a great option if you want to guarantee the high quality and a positive user experience of barista tools and accessories.Your satisfaction is our top priority. Thank you for putting your trust in MHW-3BOMBER. If you have any inquiries or suggestions on the goods, kindly get in touch with us as soon as you can.


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