Molimoli Syrup Dispenser for Coffee Bars, Glass Syrup Bottle w. Pump, 16.9 oz 500 ml, Set of 2, Gold Upgraded Dispenser


Price: $24.95
(as of May 31, 2024 22:32:04 UTC – Details)

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Molimoli Syrup Dispenser Set: Each Set includes two custom-made high quality coffee syrup bottles, two PVC industry-style pumps, a funnel and a prefixed label set.
Versatile Usage : A great choice as a syrup dispenser, these versatile dispensers are also ideal for a wide variety of other condiments or liquids, including dish soap, hand soap, sanitizer, mouthwash, saline water, ketchup and mustard, or salad dressing!
Coffee Syrup Label Included: Every syrup dispenser set includes a package of custom-designed coffee syrup labels and two blank labels to keep your kitchen organized .
STURDY PUMPS: Every Coffee Syrup Pump is made of BPA-free, food-safe plastic and food grade stainless steel. Every press gives you the perfect amount of syrup or condiment, dispensing about half teaspoon at a time (2mL).
Commercial Or Home Use: These dispensers are a great choice for commercial use, and add a classy touch to any establishment, whether it’s a diner, café, bar, shaved ice, or ice cream shop. It’s also a Perfect Housewarming Gift.


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