New Mungo Coffee Bar Mat – Coffee Bar Accessories for Coffee Station, Coffee Accessories, Coffee Bar Decor, Coffee Decor – Brewed Fresh Daily – Self Serve Coffee Maker Mat – Rubber Mat – 18”x12”


Price: $24.97
(as of Jun 08, 2024 17:28:40 UTC – Details)

Our bar mats for countertops and coffee stations are one of those coffee bar must haves. Ideal to sit in front of your espresso machine, coffee machine or Keurig, our rubber coffee mats will help protect your counters and keep them clean. Whether you’re looking for a new way to display your coffee cups or want to add some style to your kitchen, our bar mats are the perfect solution. Our mats will complement your coffee bar station, all of your coffee accessories for coffee lovers. They are also non-slip and we offer a variety of designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect mat for your kitchen. A rubber coffee mat can protect your countertops from spills and stains and provides a stable surface for cups and mugs. A bar mat is also an excellent way to organize your coffee corner decor. You can use a bar mat to delineate different areas of your coffe station, such as the espresso machine, the milk frother, or the sugar bowl. Or, you can use a bar mat to create a designated space for mugs and cups. Either way, a bar mat is an essential part of any coffee bar accessories and decor. At 18″x12″, and made of premium flexible rubber, our mats are 3/8″ and perfectly sized for your farmhouse coffee bar decor.
COFFEE BAR MATS FOR COUNTERTOPS & COFFEE STATIONS – Our beautifully designed rubber coffee mats will fit perfectly into your kitchen and complement any coffee accessories for coffee bars. Ideal to sit in front of your espresso machine, coffee machine or Keurig.
LOOKING FOR COFFEE BAR ESSENTIALS? – Our Café-grade bar mats are designed to keep your counters clean by catching any spills and coffee grounds. Our mats will beautifully complement your kitchen coffee bar, all of your coffee station accessories and any coffee station decor.
THE PERFECT COFFEE DECOR FOR COFFEE BARS – A unique, memorable gift and friendly invitation for your family and guests to help themselves! Our coffee mat gives the simple design style of a coffee sign that also works perfectly with you coffee bar accessories decor.
EASY TO CLEAN & DISHWASHER SAFE – Our mats aren’t just beautiful coffee bar decorations, they are also simple to take care of! They do their job as a coffee maker mat for countertops and coffee stations while also being easy to clean and dishwasher safe!
SIZE & MATERIAL – 18″x12″ – Made of premium flexible rubber, our mats are 3/8″ thick and perfectly size for your kitchen coffee bar. Made of durable and non slip PVC.


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