Normcore 6 Tubes Coffee Bean Cellars with Stand & Hopper – Single Dose Coffee Bean Vaults – Espresso Bean Storage Set – One-Way Exhaust Valve – Capacity 25-28g


Price: $49.99
(as of May 31, 2024 02:30:30 UTC – Details)

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Rediscover your daily coffee ritual.Rediscover your daily coffee ritual.


At NORMCORE, we’re just like you – a group of seasoned coffee drinkers that has made the brew an inseparable way of life. Born from unexpected commonality, our young team founded the company with this shared appreciation for the art of coffee, as well as the routines it has inspired in contemporary lifestyle.


Coffee appreciation over the last decade has crossed over from baristas to home enthusiasts.

Normcore team went through hundreds of production partners, and found responsible collaborations that promised a compelling balance between quality and trustworthy.


At NORMCORE, our ambition lies very much with you. We want to bring you beautifully-made modular tools that make sense to your setup; where every piece holds its own and inspires thoughtful curation. At NORMCORE, we want to elevate your coffee routine into rituals.

Thank you for bringing us into your homes and coffee bars.



KEEP COFFEE BEANS FRESH – Keep your coffee beans and grinds fresh for longer with our airtight ground coffee containers. Made from strong polycarbonate, as strong as glass but more durable!
HOW DOES IT WORK – After roasting, the coffee beans take out CO2 gas for several days. The lid comes with a release valve to release CO2 pressure when the beans degas. Thus coffee beans or grinds stay fresh for longer!
SINGLE DOSING – Storing your beans and grinds in smaller qualities can reduce any waste, perfect for any home and cafe barista. Our coffee beans container set reduces your beans to air exposure and makes sure every cup tastes amazing.
EASY BREWING COFFEE – This greatly speeds up the single-dosing workflow by not having to measure the weight of the coffee each time. Dump the coffee beans into the grinder, and get exactly the right amount with no mess.
CONVENIENT STAND & HOPPER – The stand is made from sturdy acrylic, able to store your beans in an organized way, and yet pleasant for your countertop. The set includes a mini-hopper for easy re-filling. Also suitable to carry for camping or on the go.


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