Tupkee Large Coffee Filters 12 Cup – (500 Count) 9.75″ x 4.25″ Tall Walled Premium Coffee Filter to Prevent Messy Ground Overflow – Compatible with Bunn Commercial & Large Home Machines – Made in USA


Price: $28.89
(as of May 30, 2024 15:26:47 UTC – Details)

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coffee filterscoffee filters

commercial coffee filterscommercial coffee filters

basket coffee filtersbasket coffee filters

paper coffee filterpaper coffee filter

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Compatible with
4-6 Cup Home and Office Machines 8-12 Cup Home and Office Machines 8-12 Cup Home and Office Machines 12 Cup Home and BUNN Commercial Machines 1.5 to 3 Gallon BUNN Coffee and Tea Machines

Chlorine Free

Natural Brown Unbleached

Made in the USA

coffee filtercoffee filter

PREMIUM QUALITY PAPER FOR A RICH, ROBUST CUP OF COFFEE – Tupkee large coffee filters 12 cup are made in the USA from heavy-weight special grade paper, so the water flows properly through coffee ground, and prevents grounds from filtering through, allowing for better immersion of the grounds in hot water, that preserves the taste and provides the perfect extraction for a richer more flavorful coffee
TALLER WALLED FILTER TO PREVENT OVERFLOW AND GROUNDS IN YOUR COFFEE – Uniquely designed large industrial commercial coffee filters with taller durable walls that hold up well and don’t collapse, to protect against the coffee grounds from overflowing while brewing, making a mess, and prevent finding grounds in your coffee that can ruin your coffee’s taste
CHLORINE FREE – The natural color from paper is brown, in order to become white, it must be processed, most papers filters are bleached with chlorine in order to achieve its white color, Tupkee white filters are bleached using oxygen, an elemental chlorine-free (ECF) bleaching method, to ensure there is no detectable level of dioxin, harsh bleach or chemicals in your coffee
STRONG MATERIAL, NO RIPING FOR EASY REMOVAL – Our disposable and compostable filters are made from strong material and ribbed edges that won’t disintegrate when wet, this makes it easy to grab and dump used grounds after brewing, ensuring an easy removal and clean-up without making a mess
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Tupkee Filters are 100% biodegradable, Compostable, capable of disintegrating into natural elements in a compost environment, leaving no toxicity in the soil
FOR COMMERCIAL COFFEE MAKERS – For use with Basket Style 12-Cup Commercial Coffee Brewers – Compatible with Wilbur Curtis, Fetco, Bloomfield, Bunn Coffee Maker, typically used in cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, churches, gas stations, cafeterias, offices.
FOR LARGE HOME COFFEE MACHINES – Fits most large 10-14 cup home coffee machine models perfectly, These filters are bigger than the regular 8-12 cup coffee filters, works great at keeping grounds out of your pot, No spillover, No more coffee grounds in your coffee. (if does not fit perfecty, lay it flat and then put it into your brew basket and pressing down the corners into the bottom of brew basket to make a perfect fit before adding coffee)
EXTRA USES – These high-quality, lint-free coffee liners are also great for arts and craft projects, glass cleaning, straining yogurt and ricotta, and provide residue-free polishing, and for making craft projects as the paper was thick enough to be painted without tearing
FILTER MEASUREMENTS – Filter measures 9-3/4″ in diameter at its widest part and 4-1/4″ in diameter at the base of the filter


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