#4 Cone Coffee Filters,100 Count (Pack of 1),4 Coffee Filters Paper fits for Pour Over and Drip Coffee Maker, 8-12 Cup,Natural Unbleached,Chlorine Free


Price: $7.99
(as of Jun 23, 2024 21:52:36 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Muztinte coffee filter

Muztinte coffee filterMuztinte coffee filter

The Muztinte Coffee Filter #4 offers an efficient brewing experience, with each pack containing 100 disposable cone filter papers.

Designed to fit any 8 to 12 cup pour-over coffee machines, they are perfectly suited for both home and office use.

Made with high-quality raw materials imported from Japan, these filters ensure a natural and healthy coffee experience, free from harmful chemicals and adhesives, delivering a pure and untainted cup of coffee.

Moreover, these coffee filters support sustainable forestry practices and contributing to the well-being of the environment.

The special design of the filters effectively sieves out coffee grounds and oils, enhancing the flavor profile and richness of the coffee.

After use, the high-temperature pressing process of the filter makes cleaning exceptionally simple, avoiding the troubles of bursting and leakage, providing you with convenient coffee brewing solution.

introduce paperintroduce paper

Product details:

Size: 4# Coffee Filter (8-12 Cup)

Material: Pure natural wood pulp,made from premium Japanese materials

Product size: 7.63 inches * 4.84 inches

Packing size: 6.18 inches * 5.94 inches * 1.65 inches

Total weight: 0.19kg

Naturally Unbleached:These coffee filters are made from premium Japanese materials, retaining their natural color without the use of harmful chemicals or adhesives. Unbleached and untreated, they offer a health-conscious coffee experience.
Eco-Friendly,Sustainability: Ensures coffee filters are sourced from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. By choosing these coffee filters,you’re supporting sustainable forestry practices and contributing to the well-being of the environment.
Effective Filtration: The design and materials of coffee filters effectively remove coffee grounds and oils, yielding a purer and richer taste. They ensure a consistent and clean brewing experience with every use, enhancing your overall coffee enjoyment.
Small label,Easy to Clean: Designed with a small label that is easy to grasp to ensure comfortable and clean setting.the high-temperature pressed filters are designed to prevent bursting during brewing, ensuring reliability and ease of use. They simplify the post-brew cleaning process, helping to keep your coffee maker clean and extending its lifespan.
Broad Compatibility: Designed to fit most 8 to 12 cup drip coffee makers, these coffee filters are versatile for various occasions. Each pack contains 100 filters, providing a lasting supply for frequent coffee drinkers.Packaged in a storage box for your convenience in retrieval and storage, ensuring cleanliness and dust prevention.


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